10 November - Diwali

"Diwali is a festival of the light which dispels the darkness of our ignorance; 
it is a festival of the light which shows us the way on our journey through life. 
The purpose is not to glorify the light of the candle, or the light of the firecracker. 
The purpose is to glorify the light of God. 
It is He who bestows the real light, 
the everlasting light upon the darkness of this mundane world."

- Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Welcome to Devagiri CMI Public School

     Envisioned and established by the Fathers of the St. Thomas Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), Devagiri CMI Public School is a co-educational English Medium School following the CBSE syllabus. This minority educational institution is run by St. Joseph's Monastery, Devagiri, where students receive pleasant learning, personalised attention and professional mentoring. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and is widely recognised as an institution of unparalleled academic standards and excellent co-curricular trainings. Empowered and devoted faculties, efficient student support schemes and new-age administrative practices add strength and impetus to the institution.